This unique and heavily concentrated product is used for badly untended SEPTIC TANKS, CESSPOOLS, WATERLESS TOILETS, AND PITS. It liquefies and decomposes even otherwise hardly decomposable organic waste. It provides purely natural microbiological treatment. The product is a compound of carefully selected non-pathogenic natural micro-organisms which are highly active and induce biological decomposition of sediments and eliminate odors. SEPTIC SHOCK is an important complement to BIO-P1 for septic tanks 100 g.

A dose can be increased when using in badly untended and problem tanks. The product is fully degradable. Thus, it cannot cause over-dose. The bacterial activity is both aerobic and anaerobic. Providing enough nutrition and optimum conditions, these bacteria naturally proliferate and produce further enzymes in an environment with an access of air (aerobically) as well as with no access of oxygen (anaerobically). A liquid form of the product is able to generate various kinds of enzymes as for instance amylase, protease, lipase, and cellulose.


When using via household waste treatment systems, the solution goes through the whole piping system which it also cleans including various pumps, blowers, septic tank walls, and grease traps, down to a septic tank or a cesspool where the bacteria immediately start to feed on organic matter. The preparation functions gradually, but thoroughly. Regular application causes decomposition of solid contaminants into liquid which can be easily pumped out via standard sludge pump. As the preparation is a natural agent, it is necessary to take into account a slight time delay till first results appear. It depends on frequency of utilization of a septic tank and also on particular conditions as every household produces different sludge water. There is one general rule applying to bio-enzyme products – it is better to make a standard dosage regularly than to dose heavily once in a while. A septic tank regularly treated with this product practically does not need pumping at all or the period between human waste disposals radically prolongs.

Directions for Use:

In the initial phase we recommend to dose 1 unit pack every fortnight to heavily sludge septic tanks during the first month. Then dose once in a month until difficulties are eliminated (app. 2 months). We recommend dosing SEPTIC SHOCK directly to a septic tank the first time. Next dosages can be applied via water closet. After this period, it is recommended to dose BIO-P1 for septic tank 100 g from our product line.

200 ml of the product is designed for septic tanks of standard size of 3m3 to 5m3 at maximum.


  • Do not dilute
  • Do NOT use any chemical, antiseptic, acid, or lye products together with the SEPTIC SHOCK. These products markedly decrease efficiency of bio-enzymes.
  • Do not use septic or cesspool water for watering. The product does not kill germs!
  • Store dry, prevent from freezing.