BIO-P4 for Composting

BIOPROSPECT BIO P4 do kompostu

BIO-P4 for Composting

BIO-P4 is a biological product used for accelerating of compost maturing process. It contains a compound of natural bacteria capable of decomposition of organic compounds. Thus, it decreases volume of solid elements. It can efficiently treat cut grass, wood chips, leaves, and all garden or domestic biological waste depending on a proportion of hardly decomposable elements which are present. The final product of the process is a highly nutritive substance which you can use instead of commercial fertilizers. If the product is used on a regular basis, compost matures in 2 to 3 months. The product is non-toxic to humans, animals or plants. It reactivates natural bio-degradation process.

Directions for Use:

Resolve and stir content of a sachet in 10 l of 30 – 40 C warm water and let it activate for app. 15 – 30 min while stirring between whiles. It is important to keep compost wet all the time. Thus, it is necessary to water the compost app. once a week. If it gets dry, the decomposition process will be interrupted. If you dose the product during winter season, it is recommended to uncover 30 cm of upper layer of compost, water it evenly with moderately warm water and re-cover it with the upper layer. Use the solution at maximum 1 hour from its preparation.

100 g of the product is used for compost of app. volume of 3 m3.


  • Stir the product in a plastic tub using a non-metallic subject
  • Store dry, prevent it from freezing.