BIO-P3 for Pipe Works


BIO-P3 for Pipe Works

BIO-P3 is a biological product used for solving problems with pipe blockages and slow discharge in water seals, bathtubs, wash basins, sinks, and waste water systems. It contains a mixture of natural bacteria and enzymes which decompose organic compounds and significantly eliminate odors. It is recommended to use the product as a precaution. Thus, you prevent pipes from blockage. BIO-P3 is non-toxic to humans, animals or plants. It reactivates natural bio-degradation process.

Directions for Use:

Resolve and stir up content of one sachet in 2 l of 30 – 40 C warm water and let it activate for app. 15 – 30 min while stirring between whiles. Dose the solution into the treated place then. It is necessary to keep the solution in the treated place for 8 hours at minimum. It is recommended to dose the product in time of minimum water flow through the waste water system to extend time when the solution is kept in place (for example in evenings or at weekends). If the pipe is completely blocked, the blockage must be removed in a mechanical way first. It is recommended to use the product as a precaution. Use the solution within 1 hour from its preparation at maximum.

100 g of the product is used for one inlet (outfall).


  • Stir the product in a plastic tub using a non-metallic subject
  • Dose the solution over night or, preferably, at weekends
  • Do NOT use any chemical, antiseptic or bleaching products, acids or lye products for 24 hours after application of the solution as these products markedly reduce efficiency of the solution
  • Store dry, prevent from freezing

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