BIO-P2 against Grease


BIO-P2 against Grease

BIO-P2 is a biological product working on the basis of bio-enzymes used for degradation of fats in waste systems. The product induces degradation process of fats into organic compounds which lack unsuitable characteristics of fats and, thus, it works as a precaution against sedimentation of fats. It also prevents fats from coagulating inside waste pipe-lines, from indurations of fats in grease-traps and blockage in outlet waste systems. The product markedly eliminates odors.

Directions for Use:

Resolve the content of a sachet and stir it in 2 l of 30 to 40 C warm water and let it activate for app. 15 – 30 min while stirring between whiles. Then, dose it to a treated place. The solution has to be kept at the treated place for at least 8 hours. It is recommended to dose the product during minimum water flow hours through a sewage system in order to extend time when the product is kept in place (for example in evenings or at weekends). If a pipe is completely blocked, the blockage must be removed first in a mechanical way. The product should be used as a precaution. Use the stirred solution within 1 hour from the time of its preparation at the latest.

100 g of the product is used for one inlet (outfall).

Důležitá upozornění

  • Stir the product in a plastic tub using a non-metallic subject
  • Use the solution over night or, preferably, at weekends.
  • Do NOT use any chemical, antiseptic, bleaching, acid or lye products in 24 hours after application of the BIO-P2 as their usage markedly reduce efficiency of the solution
  • Store dry, prevent from freezing

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