BIO-P1 for Septic Systems


BIO-P1 for Septic Systems

BIO-P1 is a biological product used for treatment of organic contaminants in SEPTIC TANKS, CESSPOOLS, WATERLESS CLOSETS, and RESIDENTIAL WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS (wwts). It contains a mixture of natural bacteria and enzymes which break down organic compounds and significantly eliminate odors. It is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. It reactivates natural degradation process.

This product is also available in industrial packaging

Utilization in septic tanks and cesspools:

After a few months of regular applications, content of the tanks turns to sludge water, and, if a septic tank is equipped with a spillway, the sludge water flows directly to a sewer system. Thus, frequency of pumping and manual cleaning procedures is eliminated or markedly reduced. If there is no spillway in a septic tank, sediment sludge is liquefied and does not produce unpleasant odors. This product is suitable for whole-year usage. It can be even used in the winter season as a content of septic tanks does not get frozen.

Utilization in waterless toilets:

When the solution is poured into a waterless toilet, bacteria initiate the degradation process and, thus, the unpleasant odor is eliminated or it is even dissolved. Degradation process of human waste including tissues is completed in 2 to 3 months. It is important to water the waterless toilet at least once a week to prevent bacteria at the surface from getting dry.

Directions for Use:

Resolve and stir content of a sachet in 2 l of 30 to 40 C warm water and let it activate for app. 15 to 30 min while stirring between whiles. Pour the solution in your septic tank or cesspool then. Regular monthly doses help to assure trouble-free running of the system while eliminating unpleasant odors. Use the solution within 1 hour from its preparation at the latest.

A monthly dose for a septic tank with a capacity up to 5 m3 is 100 g.

To initiate the biological remediation process in a tank with a capacity up to 5 m3, it is recommended to double the dosage in the first month of application. You can either use two sachets of BIO-P1 in the first month or use 1 sachet per fortnight during the first month of application. Dose 1 sachet (100 g) into a septic tank in the following months.


  • Stir the product in a plastic tub using a non-metallic subject
  • Dose the solution over night or, preferably, at weekends
  • Do NOT use any chemical, antiseptic, bleaching, acid, or lye products for 24 hours after application. These products markedly decrease efficiency of the produc
  • Store dry, prevent from freezing.