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BIOPROSPECT s.r.o. was founded in 1994. The company’s activities include the actual preparation and modification of preparations for the disposal of organic waste according to the specific needs of each customer and the distribution of our products to wholesale and retail networks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Great Britain, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Another activity of the company is the sale and application of bio-enzymatic products in the industrial sector, such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, processing facilities of meat and vegetables, canning factories, composting plants, sewage treatment plants, schools, nurseries, etc.

About bio-enzymes

Organic contaminants contain a mixture of complex products which, usually, have to be broken down into single components. If there is time, the process is automatically carried out within the nature cycle. Nature provides necessary hydrolysis of the complex through enzymes derived from microorganisms present in waste water. In view of growing pollution and considering the need of accelerating this process, a modern ways of treatment have been recently applied. The natural microorganisms have been replaced by bio-products which provide for sufficient concentration of enzymes and bacteria.

Enzymes instantly start to decompose organic compounds. Thus, a perfect medium for bacteria growth is created. Through hydrolysis and re-application of bio-products, contaminants are liquefied and odors are eliminated.

Ocenění Kozlíka Šikuly

Awards Kozlík Šikula

Within the announcement of the best products according to the magazine recipe book of great ideas were the product of BIO-P1 for septic tanks awarded prestigious awards for high quality and efficiency in conjunction with an acceptable cost. Ocenění Kozlíka Šikuly
Ocenění Kozlíka Šikuly


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